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3 Squares Produce CSA Program

2014 Harvest Share (CSA) Program

**Our CSA is full for 2014 - thank you for your support!**

We recommmend you look into the CSA options of our friends at Urban Farm and Feed: http://www.urbanfarmandfeed.com/

Community Supported agriculture (CSA) has been growing in popularity acrosss the country for the past decade or so. The concept is pretty simple. Members of the community pay a fee at the beginning of the season. In return, they get a share of the harvest that is ripe each week during that season. We grow our own tree fruit and a wide variety of vegetables and herbs, which mitigates the impact of crop failures to some extent. However, you share with the farmer the risks and rewards of farming. Some years are more bountiful than others, but we work very hard to make sure everyone gets their money's worth and more. 

Below are the share options and prices, pickup locations, and some samples of what is in a share on a typical week during various times throughout the season. 

Our fruit and vegetable harvest share program will have two separate seasons again this year, Spring and summer. 


Our six week spring season offers only one share size. Spring season begins the week of May 5th.

Spring share = $75.00


The summer season runs 18 weeks. Two share sizes are available, half share and full share. Summer season begins the week of June 16th.

Summer half share = $180.00
Summer Full share = $360.00


We are offering eggs again from Clifford Farms in Provo, Utah. Spring season eggs are one dozen per week. For the summer season, you can get the 9-week option and pick up eggs every other week, or the 18 week option and pick up eggs weekly. You pick up eggs at the same time and location you pick up your vegetable share.

Spring eggs = $27.00
Summer 9 week egg share = $40.50
Summer 18 week egg share = $81.00

 Pick up Locations:

Our pick up locations are self serve from outside private homes. Shares will be staged outside. They will be prepackaged for you. Items that need to be cool will be in plastic grocery bags in coolers. Items that don't need to be cold will be in boxes. Some weeks you will have only a bag or a box, and other weeks you will have both. I try to send an email at least a day or two before your pick up day with those kind of details each week.

We are planning on four pickup locations for 2014:

  • Bountiful--Friday, 12:00 noon to sunset (approx. address: 1650 S. Orchard Drive)
  • Murray--Wednesday, 3:00 pm to dark (Approx address: 5400 S. 450 E.)
  • Salt Lake City--Wednesday, 3:00 pm to dark; or Saturday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (choose one) (Approx. address: 600 E. 1790 S.)
  • West Jordan--Wednesday, 3:00 pm to dark (Approx. address: 8000 S. 2000 W.)


Snapshot of What a Weekly Share may contain--various time of year

Early spring: Large bag of lettuce (12-16 oz.), or a small bag of lettuce and one or more heads of lettuce, small bag of spinach or arugula, small bag of sprouts, radishes (1-2 bunches), Swiss chard or kale (one large bunch), one bunch of green onions, one bunch or bag of herbs (chives, or oregano, mint, or sage).
Later spring: Most or all of the early spring offerings, plus English peas (1-2 lbs.) and, or broccoli, and, or cabbage (one head).
Early summer: Cherries (1-2 lbs.), which are only available one or two weeks most years, plus any of the spring offerings still in season and available (it depends how hot it gets early in the season), plus zucchini and cucumbers (1-4 each) as soon as they are available. Corn (6-12 ears) is usually available by mid-July. Some years we have red tomatoes (1-2 lbs.) available before the end of July.
Mid-summer (August): Zucchini, Cucumbers, Corn, Tomatoes, Heirloom Cherry tomatoes (8oz cup), Beets (1-2 bunches), cantaloupe or other melon (1-2 melons), Peaches (starting mid-August, 1-2 lbs.), Eggplant (2-4), green beans (1-2 lbs.), garlic. 
Late summer (September): Cucumbers, corn, tomatoes, heirloom cherry tomatoes, Heirloom full size tomatoes (1-2 lbs.), peaches, eggplants, apples (2-4 lbs.), green beans, carrots, potatoes (2-4 lbs. total of 2-4 varieties), onions, garlic.
Autumn (October): Apples, tomatoes, Heirloom tomatoes, eggplant, beets, bag of lettuce, bag of arugula or spinach, radishes, carrots, onions, garlic, winter squash (spaghetti, butternut, acorn, etc. several total.), pumpkins (3-4, or so)